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Funerals are conducted on a daily basis at Waverley and South Head General Cemeteries.

Our staff constantly strive to ensure that the services and facilities made available to our clients meet national standards and provide a lasting impression.

Open air services

The tranquil cemetery grounds enable a special open air memorial or graveside funeral service, with our seaside location adding a unique and memorable touch.

Where possible, the immediate area around a grave is cleared to accommodate funeral gatherings and guests.

How do I arrange a funeral service?

Arranging a funeral service can be a difficult experience, as there is a lot of information that needs to be gathered and many decisions that need to be made within a relatively short space of time. Here are some of the questions people commonly have difficulty with:

  1. What are your spouse's mother's given and maiden names?
  2. What is her place and date of birth?
  3. If a relative was in the military, what was the Branch of Service? Date of discharge?
  4. Does your family member or friend already have a cemetery reservation?
  5. If so, who is the listed Legal Grantee of the Right of Burial Certificate and is it current?
  6. Do you know where they keep the Right of Burial Certificate and letter?
  7. Was there any written direction for either burial or cremation?

These questions and more are required to complete the death registration and burial order forms required by the cemetery and the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Funeral and memorial service arrangements

Weekday and Saturday morning funeral services can be booked and witnessing the interment of ashes in either a grave or in the Memorial Gardens can be booked between 10am and 2pm on weekdays.

Staff in the Cemetery office are available to assist with bookings, information, directions and sales.

Private funerals

Some families request that a funeral be held in private. To respect their wishes, the Cemetery Office will not disclose information relating to those funerals. Any inquiries should be directed to the relevant funeral director or the family member you know personally.

Funeral proceedings

At Waverley, the cortege will arrive at the main gate on the corner of St Thomas and Trafalgar Streets at or just before the booking time.

Mourners should gather in the waiting area outside of the office area until the corteges arrive and then join the procession in the main drive. At this time, the funeral director may ask you to sign an attendance book or card if you have not already done so and then follow the procession to the gravesite. 

If you arrive late and the cortege has left the office, please proceed directly to the gravesite, collect a guide from the office. A cemetery plan is available at the office to assist you in finding the correct section.

At South Head Cemetery, mourners should gather at the main north entrance gate at the top of Old South Head Road where they should wait for the funeral cortege to arrive.

More information

For more information about arranging or attending a funeral at Waverley and South Head Cemeteries, please phone the office on (02) 9083 8899.

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