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We operate under a conservation based Plan of Management (POM). The POM identifies monuments that are both new and existing significant examples as a Key Issue for the successful management of the cemetery.  In short the POM response to the issue says we must manage the placement of new memorials consistent with the cemetery style and so there is no adverse impact on the existing heritage character.

The cemetery is noted for the extensive use of sandstone, white marble and in-laid lead lettering in the memorials.  To a lesser degree the use of unpolished trachyte and bluestone are other note worthy material within the cemetery.  Generally memorials that include these materials form what is understood to be the existing significant memorial elements within the cemetery.  This is partly due to their number, but importantly the Victorian and Edwardian range of artistic elements (statuary including angles, cherubs, serifs, substantial solid stones including Christian crosses, urns, carved decorations including floral relief, birds, crowns, obelisks, and extensive use of contrasting white panelling with dark lettering set against sandstone, etc)

Where there is an existing significant memorial that will benefit from conservation and restoration to preserve its significance and longevity, the work must be in keeping with the originally approved design including the use of sandstone and white marble from that original design.  When a new commission is considered, the materials and style must reflect the other significant memorials.  We work closely with families to propose the most suitable memorials with legacy advice and estimates can be formulated for Legal Grantees.  All enquiries should be made at the Cemetery Office.

As all allotments (or graves) that are available for use are located immediately adjacent to or within parts of significant memorials the need to be vigilant in protecting these is very important.  All monuments are a significant financial and emotional outlay and we understand that what might be in the mind’s eye cannot always be translated into a memorial here at the cemetery due to the need to protect the heritage values of the landscape.

Some elements of memorials currently popular are not appropriate for the protected significance of the cemetery grounds; bronze (or copper) plaques, ceramic photos, permanent “Candilly” or perpetual flames are some examples that are not found in the cemetery in significant numbers nor are integral parts of significant memorials.  These types of decoration are not considered appropriate for the use in memorials.

“Ledger slabs” or covers that completely enclose an allotment are not encouraged due to the long term maintenance requirements these pose with failed slabs, the cost of removal to permit additional interments and the unknown condition of the memorial under these covers.

We highlight that the style of memorial is a very important constraint when considering if Waverley Cemetery is suitable for the resting place of you or your family.

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